Here at SGC, we don’t just like looking at your geek crafts, sometimes we even make our own!

I sketched this pattern out after watching the film and, like the rest of the audience, falling in love with Groot! Couldn’t wait to stitch it out.

Have a geeky craft you’ve done? We’d love to see it! Send it through our submit button to see it here.

We’d love a pattern for this! So great!

i am groot embroidery guardians of the galaxy

Notes from TypeCon: Dana Tanamachi-Williams

Full-Pattern Friday!


Dana Tanamachi-Williams gave a wonderful and entertaining presentation about her work at TypeCon last week, which included Flourish — a personal project done in collaboration with filmmaker and photographer Andrew Ryan Shepherd. We’d explain what the project is about, but it’s better if you just watch it. Trust us.

TypeCon 2014 DC Dana Tanamachi Williams fairgoods flourish collaboration chalkboard gold detail hand done type texture pattern alt-J full pattern friday


Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express

Johnny Dombrowski

New poster for Black Dragon Press. Be sure to visit their website to sign up for release updates. AD James Park.

It’s a 24x36 5-color screen print on Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite. Hand Numbered. The Standard is an edition of 110 while the Variant (printed with metallic ink!) is an edition of only 50. On sale Tuesday, August 12th, 2pm BST (9am EST here in the states.)

I’ll be showing more leading up to and after the release. Look carefully though, in spirit of the film and Poirot, there may be some clues hidden for those willing to look…

#handnumbered #love

(via worsethingsbetterpeople)

murder illustration poster screenprint


Grandmother Tips

As every grandmother has some very good life advices and tips for hard situations so has the grannie of Chacho Puebla, typographer from Madrid, Spain. Hey says:”When you´re younger you think you´ll never fall into that same kind of discourse, until you find yourself talking about stupid (cliché) stuff with your kid, about how important school is and if you don´t have a degree you´re nobody.” The images and typography show what we maybe say to our grandchildren later on. Don’t forget: Don’t trust anyone who is using Xing as Social Media!” Enjoy them…

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Thanks G’Ma! We all hope to be as wise as you are one day! 

grandmother tips grandmother life advice